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Grand Hall - ISKCON Leicester

The majority of ISKCON’s programs are held in the building (31 Granby St). Our weekly Sunday Program is from 2pm-5:30pm. For other events see our events and education pages.

Since the 1970’s, devotees of ISKCON have come to Leicester to teach the message of Lord Krishna. A temple was established in the early 1980’s on Belgrave Road, before moving to a terraced house in the same area. As activities grew it was time to move to a larger property, and so a temple was established on Thoresby Street, North Evington. This remained as a temple and a home for ISKCON Leicester for many years and saw a growth in the community, its celebrations, festivities and presence across the City.

On 3rd September 2010 there was a massive explosion in the temple. By the grace of Lord Krishna, no one was harmed and, miraculously, the presiding deities Sri Sri Pança Tattva together with Srila Prabhupada were untouched in the devastation.

In the following months, the community moved from venue to venue to hold our weekly Sunday programme and festivals, while during the weekday, many families opened up their homes to host reading groups and kirtan programmes. The search for a permanent based continued.

In December 2011, ISKCON Leicester acquired one of the most iconic buildings – the former HSBC Bank on Granby Street, right at the heart of the City. This will now be the home of ISKCON Leicester. One very generous family from Leicester and London gifted the building to ISKCON.

The building is now under renovation work. Once complete it will be a very active community hub offering:

  1. A Heritage Room
    • capturing the architecture of Goddard
    • displaying the original drawings and details from 1875
    • learning activities for schools and colleges
    • artefacts from the Goddard family
  2. A Meditation Hall
    • breakfast and lunch yoga sessions
    • regular meditation blending music, mantra and dance
    • self-development courses
    • philosophy, poetry and lecture evenings
  3. A Restaurant
    • international cuisine experience
    • lunch and evening menus
    • ambient and calm feeling
    • art gallery of the historic bank
  4. A Café
    • variety of coffees, milk shakes and smoothies
    • home-made breads, cakes and delicacies
    • a place for thought, reflection and reading
    • books to celebrate Leicester’s 165 languages
  5. A Venue
    • civic gatherings
    • meetings and training events
    • banquets, receptions and themed parties
    • special events and festivals

In the meantime, the ISKCON community continues to meet at various locations around the city during the week..

Our weekly Sunday Program will be held at our new centre at 31 Granby Street, Leicester, LE1 6EP.