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2016 Smartphone calendar

Added on Monday 28th December 2015

2016 Smartphone calendar

Get all ISKCON Leicester's major festival dates onto your smartphone. Never will you miss a festival again.

iPhone users:
Click & Subscribe (open in your iPhone's Mail app)

Android users:
Step 1: Go to google calendar on your PC and select other calendars
Step 2: Add in Add a friend's calendar section
Step 2a: ISKCON Leicester Calendar will now appear in your calendar list
Step 3: Go to your calendar app on your android phone and add calendars to sync
Step 3a: Once checked, the calendar will now sync with your calendar app.
Detailed Android user guide: Android Guide

(Android users: Clicking the iPhone link will only provide you with a static calendar and not a sync-able one)

As the year progresses, events (and event information) should automatically be added and synced to your phone. 
*ISKCON Leicester will not be held responsible for smartphones not syncing correctly with the server.
All Major Event details will also be visible on our website ( or on the temple noticeboard.

If you spot any errors on any of our calendars please email:

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