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Services for Rathayatra

Added on Monday 14th July 2014

Services for Rathayatra

Hare Krishna
Here is the list of services for Rathayatra. If you would like to help within any of these areas please contact the devotees listed.

Saturday 19th July
Cleaning and painting at the temple
Organising items for transporting
Contact Pradyumna das 07812586790

Wednesday 30th July
Loading vans at the temple
Contact Pradyumna das 07812586790

Thurday 31st July - Friday 1st August
Deliveries and site set up
Contact Pradyumna das 07812586790

Saturday 2nd August:
1. Flower garlands contact Rasika Mataji 07779168410
2. Main tent decor contact Hara Mataji 07877845565
3. Other deity services contact Visnu Murti Prabhu 07412566725
4. Prasadam set up contact Paramdham Prabhu 07888620902
5. Site set up contact Pradyumna das 07812586790

Sunday 3rd August
1. Deity services contact Visnu Murti Prabhu 07412566725
2. Stewarding contact Mansukhbhai 07896073655
3. Procession dancers contact Rashmi Prabhu 07525728005
4. Prasadam serving contact Kishore Nanda Prabhu 07855109104
5. Japa area contact Mineshi Gopika Mataji 07809671959
6. Children's area contact Tejarani Mataji 07956566626
7. Donation tables contact Hamsa-gati Prabhu 07801530484
8. Bhagavad-gita 5 themes/Q and A contact Saci Tanaya Prabhu 07737280077
9. Temple/School/Goshalla Information Area contact Amisha Mataji 07866717725
10. Bazaar/Shop contact Priya darshan Prabhu 07971645704
11. Bhajan kurtir contact Nayan Prabhu 07710519442
12. Prasadam shop contact Paramdham Prabhu 07888620902

Everyone should attend the final arati of Lord Jagannatha, and, everyone should help clean the site.

Thank you all very much.

Hare Krishna
your servant,
Pradyumna das

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