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Balarama Jayanti

Event Date: Sunday 10th August 2014

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Balarama JayantiBalarama Jayanti Weekend Festival

Sunday 10th August Festival
At Krishna Avanti Primary School

5:30am mangal aarti
7:45am reading the prayers of Akrura
8:00am deity greetings & kirtan
8:45am class
9:45am - abhishek
11:00am readings
12pm Aarti followed by feast

Sponsorship Information

Krishna's Chaddar £51
Balarama's Chaddar £51

Krishna's Dhoti £75
Balarama's Dhoti £75

Krishna's Turban £51
Balarama's Turban £51

Krishna's Garland £31
Balarama's Garland £31

Alter Decoration £81
Prashadam £151

Abhishek £101

Please See Harsa Rani mataji (07500394080), Saci Tanaya Prabhu (07737280077) or email to confirm your pledges

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